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Original Metaphor Votes Strategy
Salt on the wound pepper on the chest 4 word2vec_subst
My feet smell like daffodils in the spring my inches smell like crocuses in the beginning 1 word2vec_subst
There is a hero within all of us. there is a legendary within all of us. 1 word2vec_subst
My chair is cool Chair is a retainable hawfinch. 0 is_a-random
My brain is like a jello after coding Brain is a save aimer yet Jello is a retinic ursal. 0 is_a-random
Tabasco is a spicy sauce veracruz is a tomato tomato 0 word2vec_subst
This will produce a random metaphor The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn’t. 0 random
let me give it a take let me give it a make 0 word2vec_subst_fast
What's a what's a what's a whats aaaaaaaaaap BITCONNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT what's a what's a what's a thats omigod darndest 0 word2vec_subst
I went to the store i went to the shopping 0 word2vec_subst
Cookies make me feel warm and fuzzy baked make me feel chilly and reflective 0 word2vec_subst
A dolphin swam gracefully across the ocean a shark swimmers gracefully across the coast 0 word2vec_subst
Menorca is a tiny island in Balearic Islands pinamar is a inside cape in fuerteventura capes 0 word2vec_subst
Homemade french fries are not as tasty as those in restaurants Cavities are like parking tickets, they show up by surprise and take all your pocket money. 0 random
Tabasco is a spicy sauce michoacan is a spiced pasta 0 word2vec_subst