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Original Metaphor Votes Strategy
Meaningless encounters may actually be meaningful inconsequential real-life may so be importantly 0 word2vec_subst_fast
I lick a candle and I bite my ice cream know lick a lit and know bite my snow vanilla 0 word2vec_subst_fast
The birds are singing a song the mammals are singing a pop 0 word2vec_subst
the skies are as bigger as the Andromeda galaxy the overcast are same huge same the cassiopeia constellation 0 word2vec_subst
Cristiano Ronaldo is the main Real Madrid player robinho messi is the which this valencia game 0 word2vec_subst
Cristiando Ronaldo loves to play in Real Madrid cristiando kaka loves to play in much valencia 0 word2vec_subst
there is a crystal bottle of water by the window there is a fountain bag of drinking by the windows 0 word2vec_subst_fast
If the probability of observing the word pet given that we've seen the word cat equals the probability of observing the word pet given we've seen the word dog we can assume that both cat and dog share some sort of meaning. If the correlation of observing the language animal given that we've seen the language rabbit equals the correlation of observing the language animal given we've seen the language cat we can assume that both rabbit and cat stock some rather of hence. 0 word2vec_subst_fast
I am also an Artificial Intelligence nerd. I am both an Artificial Intelligence geeky. 0 word2vec_subst_fast
this is a nice sentence this is a fun sentences 0 word2vec_subst_fast
I want to see how it works I want to see things it works 0 word2vec_subst_fast
The car is fast The cars is turning 0 word2vec_subst_fast
the difference between you and me the necessarily between you and me 0 word2vec_subst_fast
The blue sky next to the ocean The yellow yellow next to the coast 0 word2vec_subst
Rationalizing a heinous act does not make the action less criminal; it only serves to make the proponent, more complicit. Rationalizing a barbaric enacted does because make the step less crime; it but serves to make the advocate, some deceiving. 0 word2vec_subst_fast